Mission Statement

Agitate is a queer, Ottawa-based organization for indigenous women, mixed-race women and women of colour. Although the governing board is open exclusively to indigenous women, mixed-race women and women of colour, allies from all communities and of all genders and sexual orientations are encouraged to get in touch with Agitate for information on how to volunteer.

Agitate’s aim is to provide queer visibility within racialized and ethnic communities; outreach; social programming; education; transnational perspectives; and anti-racist activism. Agitate will also forge links with other organizations who share a similar vision of social justice. Agitate was borne out of recognition of the intersecting nature of the oppressions and experiences we face as women, as queer persons and as indigenous peoples and persons of colour.

Having found a lack of resources in the Ottawa region that speak to us, a decision was made to begin a grassroots organization catering to our realities. In addition to fighting oppression, Agitate members aim to provide a gathering space in which we can share our diverse realities in the spirit of celebration.

To this end, Agitate will work towards the promotion of indigenous women and women of colour artists, musicians and performers, both local and from beyond the Ottawa community. Agitate wishes to increase the accessibility of queer-friendly resources catering to indigenous women and women of colour within the cultural, ethnic, health, and other community based resource centres in the Ottawa-area; especially in areas with large newcomer populations. Agitate understands learning as a continuous and life long process. Part of Agitate’s mandate is self-education. In particular (but not limited to), the founding members of Agitate will continue to educate themselves on the issues of transphobia and the continuing racist-colonial legacy aimed against indigenous peoples.

last updated Aug. 25th 2005

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