OutWrite! Queer/Trans Writers of Colour and Indigenous Writers Converge!

Agitate! Presents…


Queer / Two Spirit / Trans Writers of Colour and Indigenous Writers refuse to be written out!

An exciting reading event and panel of writers and poets in celebration of Pride. Often writers of marginalized identities face challenges in presenting and publishing their own points of view coupled with the threat of their voices being tokenized and co-opted in the process. Featuring both emerging and established writers from Ottawa and beyond, this panel will explore issues of representation, intersectionality and how identity and experience are expressed in the writers’ craft.

Thursday, August 20th

Montgomery Legion Hall

330 Kent Street near Somerset Ave (wheelchair accessible)

Doors open at 6:30 pm, reading at 7 pm

Tickets at the door: $10-20 sliding scale

Nalo Hopkinson
Trish Salah
Kalyani Pandya
Rob Friday

Additional reading performances by:
Salimah Valiani
Faye Estrella

With Music, Free Snacks and a Cash Bar

Raffles for prizes – proceeds of the raffle go to The Taxicab Drivers’ Relief Account of the CAW Local 1688.

This event will also be a fundraising effort for the Migrants’ Trade Union (MTU) in South Korea. MTU is a union of documented and undocumented migrant workers in South Korea, the only union of its kind in the world today. The MTU has joined in the struggle of GLBT people in South Korea, including defending the needs of its own GLBT members. Agitate feels it is important to connect our work with the struggle of other racialized people in the world, especially as the rights of migrant workers in Canada continue to be largely ignored.

Raffle proceeds will go to The Taxicab Drivers’ Relief Account. Sami Aldoboni was allegedly assaulted on the job recently during an incident with an off duty Ottawa police officer. He has been unable to work since the incident. Abdinsaq Abdullahi was violently attacked on Friday, July l7th and suffered serious injuries and remains in hospital. Both are currently without income and need to support themselves and their families, including children, now and to pay for various expenses, including some medical and rehabilitation expenses.

Want to get familiar with the featured writer Nalo Hopkinson’s work? Stay tuned for more details on Agitate!’s Book Club.


This event is proudly sponsored by:
Venus Envy
Mother Tongue Books
Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa
Ontario Federation of Labour

1 Comment

  1. MTU sends warm greetings to AGITATE!

    MTU sends warm greetings to AGITATE! and our other comrades in Ottawa. We express our sincere thanks for your support of our struggle to win the labour and human rights of migrant workers in South Korea.

    MTU was founded in 2005 as a union for and by migrant workers of all nationalities in South Korea. Since then, we have been struggling to improve migrant workers’ labor conditions, stop immigration raids and deportation, win legalization for undocumented migrant workers, abolish the Employer Permit System which regulates documented migrant labor and win establishment of a more just system. We are also engaged in a struggle for recognition the right migrant workers, regardless of visa status, to freedom of association.

    MTU’s members come from Bangladesh, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other countries. They are documented and undocumented, female and male, straight and LGBTQ. Thus, it is especially meaningful that AGITATE! and other organizations are holding a fundraising event in support of MTU’s work during Ottawa queer pride celebrations and that the performers in this even are people of color.

    Basic labor rights, including the right to form and participate in trade unions, are the property of all workers, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and social status. This is a principle enshrined in international human rights law as well as the Constitutions of South Korea, Canada and other countries. Nonetheless, these rights are routinely trampled upon by employers and governments around the world. Moreover, women workers, migrant/immigrant and other workers of color and LGBTQ workers face intersecting oppressions based on class and social status. As such our work to achieve labor rights must also include increasing awareness of patriarchy, sexism, hetrosexism, homophobia, transphobia and other systems of oppression and strengthening our ability to fight against them. These are issues MTU is beginning to address in our work.

    We are very honored that comrades in Canada are aware of MTU’s work and we thank you sincerely for your support. We hope to continue to build a relationship of solidarity in the future.

    Good luck with you event and the rest of your activities.

    In struggle,

    Your comrades at MTU.

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